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  • Baby Rainbow Streamer Dec. 2015 Fly Of The Month

                                                     FLY OF THE MONTH                                        Baby Rainbow Streamer Hook:  Size #10 Daiichi 1260 streamer hook. Tying thread:   Red thread. Bead:  1/8” multi hued rainbow bead. Tail:  Two dun saddle hackles (I get them off a dry fly neck). Body:  Metallic embroidery thread – a mixture of

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  • Fly Of The Month “Rainbow Warrior” Nov. 2015

    FLY OF THE MONTH Rainbow Warrior (and variation Dragon Warrior)   Rainbow_Warrior: Dragon-Warrior   Hook:  Tiemco 2487  Size #14-#20. Tying thread:   Red 8/0 or UTC 70. Bead:  Rainbow bead, glass bead, or bead of choice. Tail:   Pheasant tail fibers. Body:  Pearl mylar tinsel, flashabou, or ribbon. (Black halographic tinsel for

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  • Slumpbuster – A streamer by John Barr October 2015

          FLY OF THE MONTH October 2015 Paul Dinice – Slumpbuster – A streamer by John Barr  Hook:  TMC 5262 Size #2-#10. Tying thread:   3/0 olive Monocord. Cone:  Silver or gold, brass or tungsten sized to match hook size. Weight:   Lead wire, sized to hook. Rib:  Brassie sized

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