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Sam D’Ambruoso
Sam D’Ambruoso
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Call Art Giulietti for more info.
The Bend of River by Sam D’Ambruoso
Our next membership meeting is Saturday, June 2nd at 12 noon, an important meeting for our Club. It’s the election of officers for the up-coming year. This meeting will be held at our Camp Ground site on the Housatonic TMA.
Our nomination committee has been at work talking to people interested in officer positions in our Club.  We also have a Liason Committee which will serve as the voice of the members.

Here’s the line-up of proposed officers for 2018/2019.

President:                        Art Giuletti
First Vice President:        Allison Brown
Second Vice President:   Paul Dinice
Treasurer:                        Kevin Stankiewicz
Second Treasurer:           Vacant
Secretary:                        Jay Hirsch
Second Secretary:           Vacant
Membership Liason:        Allison Brown
                                        Joe Marcheze
                                        John Rossi
Allison Brown placed here name for First Vice President.  She is the first HFFA member to step forward and formerly join the Executive Board Team.  She has also volunteered for Membership Liason Committee.
We had one of our more successful River clean-ups in recent years on Saturday, April 28.  There were nine of us all together. Special thanks to Art Giulietti, Wayne Gustafson, Rick Huntley, Joe Marcheze, Matt Popielaski, Bruce Tubby, and the team work of Max Ruggiero and Allison Brown for setting up the grill and cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, and providing cold drinks after the clean-up event.  We picked up a lot of trash and it doesn’t have to stop with the annual clean-up. Everyone should have a black plastic bag in the car and pick up trash they see along the River all year long. Being a steward of the Housatonic doesn’t stop with one day; it’s a commitment of time and energy. For some of us, it’s a life long commitment.

Our Nominating Committee: THERE IS STILL TIME TO JOIN OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS! Call our nominating committee members, Fred Monahan, tel: 203-213-9419;  Sam D’Ambruoso. tel: 203-417-7120; and Paul Dinice, tel: 203-305-3850.  Call us and let us know you’re interested in becoming an HFFA officer and Executive Board member.  We will be talking about the slate of officers and committee chairs at the June meeting.  PLEASE BE THERE!  Final Board of Directors will be in place after votes are cast at the  Annual Association Meeting, Saturday, June 2, 2018; 12 noon at the HFFA Camp ground.  Enjoy a wonderful picnic lunch as well at this event.  Please call Jay Hirsch at 203-281-0533 and let him know you are coming to the meeting and picnic.

We hope to see all of you at these HFFA meetings. Have a friend whose a fellow fly fisher?  Please pass this newsletter along to them.  We would love to have them join us.
Tight lines,
Sam D’Ambruoso
Publicity Chair
Conservation Chair
HFFA Newsletter Editor
State Fisheries Advisory Council Member
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HFFA Campout

June 1,2,3, 2018
Call Jay Hirsch at 203-281-1522 to make reservations about the annual camp-out along the Housatonic River TMA.
ANNUAL ASSOCIATION MEETING announcement: According to our HFFA By-Laws, we are announcing our Annual Meeting and Election of Officers will be Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 12 noon at the HFFA camp ground site.
The Trout Parade
Livingston, New York
June 9, 2018
A group of HFFA fly fishers are getting together to go to an event called the The Trout Parade in Livingston NY.  An actual parade of people dressed in trout gear and, in years past, we had seen people costumed as a trout marching in the parade.  There will be some arts and crafts and let’s not forget the fishing right in Livingston. Call Max Ruggiero at 203-530-9984 for more info.
Annual HFFA Expo
 March 9, 2019  10am to 3pm
Annual HFFA Dinner
End of March, 2019
Annual Fly Fishing Merit Badge Class
Boy Scouts of America
Sponsored by the HFFA
April 5, 6, 7, 2019
We will need volunteers teaching tying flies, fly casting instruction, and fly fishing on a pond that is heavily stocked with trout. and helping with the Scouts. This event has been well-received in the past and we are happy to continue this effort.  Call Fred Monahan, our Education Chair, at 203-213-9419.
Want to join one of our teams that put these events together? Contact Art Giulietti at 203-606-7763
The Housatonic Fly Fishermen’s Association General Membership meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month, September to May.  The Executive Board meets every third Thursday of the month, September to June. All members are invited to attend both meetings. Meetings will be held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (next to Archie Moore’s Restaurant) 65 North Main, Wallingford CT , starting at 7:00 PM.
Conservation Report
Sam D’Ambruoso, Conservation Chair
We need help for 2018/2019.  This a call for volunteers. With your help and participation, we have a number of projects that we would like to do for 2018/2019:
1. Tree planting on the banks of the TMA.  This one is right in the by-laws about protecting erosion control.  We did a lot to stop this by planting a number of evergreens and other trees along the banks where we spotted erosion in the mid late 1970s.  We need to do this again.
2. Stocking of fingerlings in feeder streams of the TMA.
3. Annual clean-up of the TMA.
4. The Mill River Refuge Project.  All ready well-underway and being handled by DEEP and Trout Unlimited.
Come and join us!  All we are asking is a few hours of your time to give back to the Housatonic TMA which has given so much to you over your lifetime. Call Sam at 203-417-7120.
We are researching leads on grants for the project and will pitch the idea to some potential donors. We have close to $10,000  reserved for this project in the Housatonic River Fund held by Trout Unlimited.  The over-all project will cost $45,000 to $55,000 all from grant funds.
Boy Scouts Merit Badge Class
Fred Monahan, Education Chair
April 5, 6, 7, 2019
The HFFA will sponsor our annual Fly Fishing Merit Badge class on April 5, 6, and 7, of 2019 at Deer Lake Scout Reservation in Killingworth Ct.  We will teach scouts fly tying and fly casting as well as taking them out to the pond and have them try to catch their first fish on a fly.  This project was very well-received by the Scouts and it was equally rewarding to the HFFA volunteers who helped introduce fly fishing and fly tying.
A special thanks to Fred Monahan, our project leader (year after year I might add), and all of the HFFA volunteers who contributed their time and energy in helping our young people learn fly fishing. It looks like we have already made some fly fishing enthusiasts!
Fly of the Month
Paul Dinice

        Quasimodo Pheasant Tail

Hook:   Tiemco 2488 or curved nymph hook of choice size #14 to #20.

Bead:   Gold bead or bead of choice to match the size of hook. A slightly  over oversized bead is needed for this pattern.
Tying thread:   Brown UTC 70 or thread of choice.
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers.
Rib: Copper small wire.
Abdomen: Wrapped Pheasant tail fibers.
Thorax: Peacock Herl.
Flash back/Wing case: Pearl Flashabou or pearl tinsel.
Legs: Pheasant tail fibers.
Sometimes slight variations in the material and/or the profile of a fly can make a difference in enticing a fish to bite. This fly is really a traditional Pheasant Tail Nymph with three (3) small variations.   First, it’s tied on a curved short shank hook rather than straight hook.   Secondly, the bead on the Quasimodo is slightly oversized. Finally, the wing case consists of Pearl Flashabou or pearl tinsel instead of Pheasant tail fibers. I like to tie the Quasimodo’s as small as possible. It is one of my ‘go to nymphs’ on the Farmington River. There has been a great development with regard to Pheasant Tail fibers in the last 4-5 years. YOU CAN BUY THEM IN DYED COLORS. My two favorite colors are orange & olive.
To tie this fly, begin by placing a slightly oversized bead on your hook. The recipe calls for a gold bead, but I often use copper or sometimes black. I believe it’s good to change up your bead color on a heavily fished tail water like the Farmington. Because these flies are so small, adding lead is impossible. To get them down I make sure I use a tungsten bead.
Next, wrap the shank of the hook with your thread. Tie in three (3) Pheasant tail fibers for the tail. They should be roughly a hook shank gap in length.
Tie in your small copper rib. If I’m tying my fly in dyed orange pheasant tail fibers, I might use red wire. If I’m tying the fly in olive, I might use chartreuse.
Next, tie in 1-3 more pheasant tail fibers by the tip. Wrap them forward approximately 2/3rds down the hook shank to form the abdomen. Tie and clip the excess off. Counter rib your fly with the wire. Tie and clip off.
You are now going to tie in approximately six (6) pheasant tail fibers for your legs (just like a standard pheasant tail nymph). The tips should extend beyond your bead. Ultimately, you are going to fold them back for your legs. Measure them carefully for the proper leg length. Trim and cut the butts.
Next, tie in 1-2 strands of pearl flashabou for your wing case. Next, tie in 1-2 strands of peacock herl for your thorax. Wrap the peacock herl forward and tie it off behind the bead.
Next, bring your flash/wing case forward and split your legs. Tie & clip it off behind the bead. When you tie it off you must fold your ‘legs’ back. Secure and position them with additional wraps. Whip finish and clip off your thread. If you like ad a dab of head cement to your wraps.
In The Riffle has a great video on how to tie this pattern at .
They also have a great website at .
If you have any questions about this fly or would like to submit a Fly of the Month I can be reached at 203 305-3850 or at . This fly can also be viewed on my website at .
Fly Tying Classes
MEMBERS!  Here’s the best deal in town! The HFFA is proud to have the very best in fly tying instructions by our well-noted fly tying instructors and members, Paul Dinice, Bill Goeben, and Suguru Imaeda. These are very experienced and professional-level fly-tyers with wonderful instruction on tying specific patterns they are willing to share. And is the price right for the class: it’s a whole one dollar per class or $5 for 6 classes and you get materials for the fly you’re tying that evening.  You just bring your tools like fly vices, scissors, tying threads.
Come to the meeting and talk to some of our Board and Committee members about our very popular fly tying class.  This past year we had 20 members sign up for this great class! Classes run Oct-March the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM and are structured for beginners to advanced. There is also an excellent salt-water fly tying class with Paul Dinice.
Call the phone number under Fly Tying in the left hand column for more information.
Flyfisherman fishing in mountain river
HFFA Membership Application
Please help spread the word about the HFFA and introduce others to both the club and the great sport of fly fishing. 

Please pass this on to a friend.

Application for Membership

Renewal:_____ New:_______

E-Mail Address__________________________________Phone: __________________

Occupation _______________________________________________
How would you like to help us:
Conservation___   Camp-Out____   Annual Dinner_____
Annual Expo_____  Website/Facebook Development______

COMPLETE ALL INFORMATION ABOVE. Newsletter and important membership communications are sent by email.

___ Regular: $25.00 per year   ___Life $250.00    ___Junior (17 and under) FREE

___HFFA Fishing Guide (with Postage):  $10 ($13)

___HFFA Fishing Guide Non-member price $15.00 plus 6.35% Ct St Sales Tax and $3.00 Postage    ($15 + $0.95 + $3.00=$18.95 total)

___Pins$5.00 ___HFFA Patch $5.00 ___HFFA Decal FREE __River maps while supplies last.

Total __________   All checks payable to HFFA.
P.O. Box  185092
Hamden, CT 06518-5092
Sorry… no credit cards.
Our HFFA Awards
“Charles Downing Lay Award”, presented by the Housatonic Valley Association, for Outstanding Conservation Efforts/ “The McKenzie Cup”, International Award presented by Federation of Fly Fishers/ “Outstanding Achievement Award” presented by Eastern Council Federation of Fly Fishers/Connecticut Sportsmen’s Alliance “Outstanding Sportsmen’s Organization/ National Wildlife Federation “President’s Award”/ Connecticut DEP “Environmental Award”
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