Fingerling stocking

Trout Stocking Schedule: Want to know where the State is stocking trout?  Take a look at this link:
Fingerling stocking:  We will be helping Mike Humphries of DEEP Fisheries with the stocking of fingerlings in feeder streams of the TMA. Target date: March/early April. We will need help with the stocking.  Write to and let me know that you are available.  These fingerlings work and grow into large browns and rainbows on the Housatonic as evidenced by recent River sampling of fish.
Come and join us!  All we are asking is a few hours of your time to give back to the Housatonic TMA which has given so much to you over your lifetime. Call Sam D’Ambruoso at 203-417-7120.


Upper Housatonic – The Hous is flowing a little over 200 c.f.s at the moment.   That could change drastically today or tomorrow depending upon how much rain upper CT & MA will be getting with predicted thunderstorms.  With higher temps & humidity also predicted, the water temperature will rise to levels that it’s best not to fish for trout.  The good news is it’s prime ‘smally’ time on the river.  In the early morning hours & at dusk, try using surface flies like gurglers and deer hair patterns.  If you have to fish during high sun hours, use some gaudy & obnoxious streamers (I love using some with rubber legs), brightly colored deer hair patterns, as well as crayfish patterns (brown wooly buggers will work).  This weekend I received reports that the small mouth fishing was excellent.  If you do happen to hook a trout I recommend not taking it out of the water.  You should be using a much heavier leader/tippet for bass, so horse those trout in a.s.a.p.  Remember, it’s that time of the year that you must stay away from the thermal refuges.  With water levels down it’s a great time to explore and investigate trout holes that you will be fishing in the fall.  It’s also a great time to take kids and ‘newbees’ fly fishing with small mouth readily taking offerings.  Don’t forget to pack up plenty of water on these warm & humid days.


Farmington River – Perhaps more than any other time of year, right now there is the most insect activity on Farmy.  Sulfurs, olives, caddis, terrestrials, and iso’s are all over the river.  It’s a trout ‘all you can eat buffet’.  One of my favorite bugs to look for is the isonychia.  It’s a bigger fly and the fish love to gobble them, especially in the faster water.  If I’m nymphing I usually go to smaller sized patterns at this time of year.  You can’t beat small pheasant tail type patterns.  If you have never fished a ‘perdigon nymph’, do so!  It’s become one of my ‘go to’ patterns.  Simple to tie and it gets down fast.  If it rains today or tomorrow, the ‘next’ day I’ve found that between now and September, there is a good possibility of an ant hatch.  In recent years, one of the flies I’ve started to fish on the Farmington are big oversized foam flies like the ‘Moodah Poodah’.   Sometimes fish just can’t resist such a big meal.  A high floating pattern like that is also great to use with a small nymph dropper. 


Lower Housatonic – Unfortunately the ‘doldrums of summer’ sums up how the lower Hous is fishing.  You can still catch fish at the mouth but it’s a must that you fish between dusk to dawn.  If you have a boat, travel a little outside the mouth to the rip on the Stratford side or the back side of Charles Island.  Some boaters fishing chunks have done well in those two places.  Sometimes the blue fish turn on this time of year, but nothing to report on that other than a few spotty hook ups.

Boy Scouts Merit Badge Class

April 5, 6, 7, 2019
The HFFA will sponsor our annual Fly Fishing Merit Badge class on April 5, 6, and 7, of 2019 at Deer Lake Scout Reservation in Killingworth Ct.  We will teach scouts fly tying and fly casting as well as taking them out to the pond and have them try to catch their first fish on a fly.  This project was very well-received by the Scouts and it was equally rewarding to the HFFA volunteers who helped introduce fly fishing and fly tying.
A special thanks to Fred Monahan, our project leader (year after year I might add), and all of the HFFA volunteers who contributed their time and energy in helping our young people learn fly fishing. It looks like we have already made some fly fishing enthusiasts!
Fred Monahan, Education Chair

Late Cape Cod Report

Hi All, here’s a little delayed Cape Cod report……..I was on the Cape from Wednesday May 2 to this past Sunday May 6…….the fishing was poor to fair……….things are 2 weeks behind there……….. I fished all over the place………I averaged 2-3 fish per outing…….fished 2-3 times a day ……..1-3 hours at a clip………had a 12 fish afternoon in Cotuit with the largest fish being 25”………….also got skunked on Saturday when I thought the fish would turn on with the warmer weather……things should be different when I return next week………I know at least a couple worm hatches will be happening……..also this year for the first time I’m entered in the Cheeky Tourney with Bear Cochrane…….other friends in it too……..the past 4-5 years I’ve been giving away 30-40 flies to participants and copies of my guide too……..anyway finally decided to participate in it since I kinda did anyway………..even though the fishing was off I had a blast fishing with friends, talking stripers, and eating primo seafood……..I hope to have better luck next week……….tight lines…….. Paul ps……..I’ll have a local report in a day or two……..the lower Hous is still hot !

Mill River Project

The following information was provided by Tracy Brown, Trout Unlimited Northeastern Restoration Coordinator.

Trout Scapes, the engineering and design company working on the Mill River project, agrees with the design modifications proposed by Tracy Brown of TU and Mike Humphreys of DEEP.   Estimated cost is $45,000 to complete the work on the Mill River refuge.

Next steps –
1.  Meet with Town of Cornwall to confirm acceptance of design.
2.  Final survey through HECRAS.  Editor’s note:   Hydrologic Engineering Center’s (CEIWR-HEC) River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) website. This software allows the user to perform one- dimensional steady flow, one and two-dimensional unsteady flow calculations, sediment transport/mobile bed computations, and water temperature/water quality tests
3. Apply for permits
4. Fundraising to complete final design and installation
We are researching leads on grants for the project and will pitch the idea to some potential donors. We have close to $10,000  reserved for this project in the Housatonic River Fund held by Trout Unlimited.

Everyone Is Invited Camping

HFFA Campout
June 1,2,3, 2018
Call Jay Hirsch at 203-281-1522 to make reservations about the annual camp-out along the Housatonic River TMA.
ANNUAL ASSOCIATION MEETING announcement: According to our HFFA By-Laws, we are announcing our Annual Meeting and Election of Officers will be Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 12 noon at the HFFA camp ground site.

Want to join our Board of Directors?

The current proposed officers for 2019 are listed as follows:
President:                        Art Giuletti
First Vice President:        Allison Brown*
Second Vice President:   Paul Dinice
Treasurer:                        Kevin Stankiewicz
Second Treasurer:           Vacant
Secretary:                        Jay Hirsch
Second Secretary:           Vacant
Membership Liason:         we need 3 members
* Allison Brown placed here name for First Vice President.  She is the first HFFA member to step forward and formerly join the Executive Board Team.  Thanks, Allison!
We have a Nominating Committee and we will be available to talk to any HFFA member that wants to be considered for ANY of the positions listed above and that includes the positions that are filled.  We are also looking to have a Membership Liason committee. That job consists of three members that will act for the membership at large.
Our Nominating Committee: Fred Monahan, tel: 203-213-9419;  Sam D’Ambruoso. tel: 203-417-7120; and Paul Dinice, tel: 203-305-3850.  Call us and let us know you’re interested in becoming an HFFA officer and executive Board member.  We will be talking about the slate of officers and committee chairs at the May meeting.  PLEASE BE THERE!
Remember:  all positions are open.  Final Board of Directors will be in place after votes are cast at the Annual Association Meeting, Saturday, June 2, 2018; 12 noon at the HFFA Camp ground.