“There’s no Tonic like the Housatonic” -Oliver Wendell Holmes


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The Housatonic Fly Fishermen’s Association meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month, September to May, with the Executive Board deciding on the date and location of the June meeting. The Executive Board meets every third Thursday of the month, September to June.

All members are invited to attend both meetings. Until further notice, meetings start at 7:00PM, and will be held at:

St.Paul’s Episcopal Church
65 North Main Street
Wallingford, CT 06492

The Housatonic Fly Fishermen’s Association, having a strong and abiding interest in the Housatonic River and its continued existence as a famous trout stream, is united to preserve and protect that fishery.

We unite to promote good fellowship, to further the art and skills of fly fishing, and to aid in the formulation and establishment of sound policies to conserve, restore and protect the Housatonic River for this and future generations.

Furthermore, the HFFA supports and seeks to enhance those local, state, and federal laws, policies and regulations, which protect the river; inhibit and deter flooding; deter river disturbance and pollution; prevent damage from erosion, turbidity, and/or siltation; prevent the loss of natural habitats, wildlife, and vegetation; and that encourage Public Access along the river.

Housatonic River WatershedThe 149-mile-long Housatonic River begins flowing in Western Massachussetts, and flows in a South-SouthEast direction through Western Connecticut, finally emptying into Long Island Sound between the cities of Stratford and Milford.

Map created by Karl Musser, graphics file from Wikimedia Commons,
published here under the Creative Commons license.