Fly Tying Classes

MEMBERS!  Here’s the best deal in town! Come to the meeting and talk to some of our Board and Committee memers about our very popular fly tying class.  This past year we had 20 members sign up for this great class! Classes run Oct-March the 3rdThursday of the month at 7:00 PM and are structured for beginners to advanced. There is also an excellent salt-water class.

The HFFA is proud to have the very best in fly tying instructions by our well-noted fly tying instructors and members, Paul Dinice, Bill Goeben, and Suguru Imaeda.

These are very experienced and professional-level fly-tyers with wonderful instruction on tying specific patterns they are willing to share. And is the price right for the class: it’s a whole one dollar per class or $5 for 6 classes and you get materials for the fly you’re tying that evening.  You just bring your tools like fly vices, scissors, tying threads.
203-481-3204 for more information