Hello Everyone,

One of the Goals of HFFA is to have a functioning and informative Website in 2021. I hope that everyone is doing well inspite of the pandemic. Hopefully, the vaccine will soon be available to enough of the population so that the country and the world could return to a semblance of a normal situation.

HFFA used our Face Book page to keep our members and the public informed of what we are doing. From September until December the Club met at sites along the Housatonic River. September, October and November those meetings were in Cornwall CT (actually Sharon CT). In November and December, we met on the River at Short Beach in Stratford and tried our luck fishing Salt Water.

As the world changed, HFFA changed, in January we had our first ZOOM meeting. We will again have ZOOM meetings in February and March, with April tentatively scheduled to be another meeting on the River.

Until this site gets fully up and running, that I hope will be soon, please visit our Facebook page. If you need to contact us please email the Club at: [email protected]


Art Giulietti