Slumpbuster – A streamer by John Barr October 2015





FLY OF THE MONTH October 2015

Paul Dinice – Slumpbuster – A streamer by John Barr

 Hook:  TMC 5262 Size #2-#10.
Tying thread:   3/0 olive Monocord.

Cone:  Silver or gold, brass or tungsten sized to match hook size.

Weight:   Lead wire, sized to hook.

Rib:  Brassie sized chartreuse ultra-wire.
Body:   Silver Body Braid/Ribbon.

Wing:  Olive Pine Squirrel Zonker Strip.

Collar:  Olive Pine Squirrel Zonker Strip wrapped hackle style.

This is a big fish fly.  One of the top reasons why I like it.  Its originator is John Barr of Copper John fame.  Although this pattern calls for pine squirrel for the zonker strip, I’ve used rabbit.  The pine squirrel is a little stiffer and shorter, definitely a preference for smaller flies.  The rabbit seems to work well on larger ones.

Begin by sliding the cone onto the hook and insert in your vise.  Make approximately 10-15 wraps of lead around the hook shank.  Slide it up against the inside of the cone to lock it in place.  Begin your olive thread at the end of the lead wraps.  Cover them and wrap down to the bend of the hook forming a uniform slightly tapered body.  Then coat the wraps with ‘hard as nails.   At the bend of the hook tie in your ribbing material.  Next tie in your body braid material behind the cone and wrap your thread back to the bend.  Make sure the length of body braid is long enough to palmer and wrap your body.  After wrapping your body cut and tie it off behind the cone.  Next tie in your zonker wing behind the cone.  It should be approximately 1½ times the length of the hook shank.

Slightly dampen the wing material.  Palmer and wrap the wire ribbing forward through the wing.  You can separate sections of the wing after its dampened.  Cut and tie it off at the cone.  Next, tie in another zonker strip behind the cone.  It’s going to be your hackle/collar.   Make sure you wrap the strip around the hook with the hair facing the bend of the hook.  Two or less wraps is all you’ll need.   Preen the hair fibers back towards the bend of the hook as your wrapping the collar.  After two wraps cut and tie it off.  Apply some head cement to your wraps.  Your done.


This pattern and an instructional video on how to tie it can also be viewed at .  If you have any questions about this fly or would like to submit a Fly of the Month, I can be reached at 203 305-3850 or e-mail me at [email protected] .

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