Baby Rainbow Streamer Dec. 2015 Fly Of The Month


Baby Rainbow 2    Baby Rainbow                                           FLY OF THE MONTH                                       

Baby Rainbow Streamer

Hook:  Size #10 Daiichi 1260 streamer hook.

Tying thread:   Red thread.

Bead:  1/8” multi hued rainbow bead.

Tail:  Two dun saddle hackles (I get them off a dry fly neck).

Body:  Metallic embroidery thread – a mixture of green, bronze, gold.

Lateral line/side wing:  Senyo Wacko Hackle rainbow mix.

Rib:  Red ultra-wire brassi size.

Hackle/collar:  Dun saddle hackle.

Head:  Peacock Ice dub

A couple of years ago I wrote up a Fly of the Month called the “Goldie”.  It is anything but a traditional streamer, but boy does it catch fish.  The Rainbow Trout is similar in that it has a lot of flash and is also a non-traditional tie.  If neither fly appeals to you, you just don’t know what your missing.  Getting back to the flash on the Baby Rainbow, I’m sure it resembles a rainbow fry to hungry trout.  Just a great use of materials to do that.

The fly was developed by Shawn Holsinger of Holsinger’s Fly Shop.  I’ll have more information on Holsinger’s at the end of this pattern recipe.  Shawn does best with this fly dead drifting it with his nymph rig.  I’ve done best fishing it with two other flies in a wet fly rig.  It’s all good and it all works.  See what works best for you.

Begin by placing your bead on the hook.  Start your thread approximately 1/3 the length of the hook shank behind the bead.  (The first 1/3 of the hook shank will be used for the collar and head of the streamer).  Layer it to the bend of the hook.  Tie in 2 medium dun saddle hackle to form the tail.  The length of the tail should be about the length of the hook shank.  They are tied on each side of the hook shank.  Tie them in one at a time.  The feathers should be tied in so that they face each other and form a uniform tail.  Save the base of the feather.  You’ll use it for your collar later.

Next tie in your red ultra-ywire which will be used for your rib.  Tie in your metallic embroidery thread.  Like Shawn, I got mine from a craft store.  Palmer the metallic thread forward to create a uniform body, making sure to leave the first 1/3 of the hook shank free.  Next, you’re going to tie in your lateral lines.  You can use Senyo Wacko Hackle or rainbow metallic embroidery thread.  Tie in one piece of material to create a lateral line on each side of the hook shank.  Once the lateral line is tied in, trim it off so that it extends back midway to the feather tail.  Now your going to tie in your collar wetfly style.  Tie it in by the tip.  Take a couple wraps stroking the fibers to the rear of the fly.  Tie it off and wrap your thread back towards the hackle so that it lays back towards the end of the hook.  Finally, dub a head with peacock ice dub.  It’s approximately 5-6 wraps of dubbing.  Tie off behind the bead, apply some finish cement to your finish wraps and you’re done.

There is a great instructional video by Shaun Holsinger at: .

I strongly recommend visiting Holsinger’s Fly Shop Website at .  The site has some great instructional fly fishing and tying videos.  They carry a ton of great tying supplies.  Located in East Freedom, PA they can be reached at 814 710-7553.

This fly can also be viewed at the Housatonic Fly Fishermen’s Facebook page and .  If you have any questions about this fly or would like to submit a Fly of The Month I can be reached at 203 305-3850 or e-mail me at [email protected] .

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